Residential Treatment For Addiction

Our facility gives you the opportunity to rest, find renewal, and achieve long-term recovery. Take the first step today.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs Available

Focused on the future, our team of professionals provides the perfect environment for your drug and alcohol detox, free from judgment or assumptions. You are treated with care and fully supported.

Support For Family Members

Your family unit plays a major role in your relationships with others as well as your own identity. This is where we step in and help you reconnect with loved ones through our family therapy and support groups.

Rehab Centers Specializing in Detox & Residential Treatment

Opus Health specializes in providing Medical Detox and Residential Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation. From on-site clinicians 24 hours per day to aftercare support groups we provide the ultimate solution to finding lasting sobriety. Our facilities are located in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa , CA. Contact us today for more information or to discuss the admissions process.


Our Commitment to You:

Our promise is to walk this journey with you every step of the way, while telling you the truth the whole way. We promise to never ask you do anything which we haven’t done ourselves. We have been down the road to recovery and we truly believe it takes a brotherhood and sisterhood to recover.

Our Belief:

We believe in making human connection with our clients, our staff, and ourselves as a leadership team. We believe our values of having healthy staff, ethical principles, professionalism, compassion and always having fun will help model change in our clients and families.

Treatment For Men

Medical Detox

Sub-Acute Detox & Incidental Medical Services including Withdrawal Management.

Residential Rehab

Inpatient Addiction Treatment at our sober living homes located in Orange County, CA.

Behavioral Treatment

24-Hour Individualized Programs, Masters Level Clinicians, Diet and Support Groups.

Why Opus Treatment Works

Our goal is to create comprehensive stabilization and foundational work for our clients and their families. It is not enough for a client to abstain from drugs and alcohol. We believe that individual change must encompass physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.  We believe that if changes do not occur in family and community systems then an individual is at increased risk to return to old behavior.

Opus believes in the humanistic approach in all facets of the organization.  We believe that clients will benefit from our ethical principles, professionalism, and values through their human connections with our staff. We hold our employees to the highest standards to deliver intimate and individualized care to our clients and families. This model empowers our staff to support and educate our clients and families in the most appropriate way for long-term recovery.

For clients who may be struggling to comply with the expectations of their treatment program, we also offer behavioral stabilization. This multifaceted team approach provides clients with the truly individualized care that other programs are often unable to provide. Through utilizing life coaches, intensive counseling, and twice-weekly sessions with a Masters-level therapist, we help clients get to the root causes of their behaviors. Clients in this program are also required to participate in service work to help them change their behaviors before sending them back to a therapeutic milieu.

What has been keeping you from seeking treatment? At Opus Treatment, we work hard to help you find stable ground from which your drug recovery can take firm root. We are not like other rehab centers in Costa Mesa that provide standard rehab services without much thought to your personal and emotional needs. Each of our programs are tailored to the individual needs of men and women. We understand that drug addiction and alcoholism has caused a great deal of pain for you and your loved ones. Our goal is to help you while you begin this new journey towards recovery.

Are you worried about how you will be treated while at Opus Treatment centers? We believe that your addiction should be treated like any other illness or disease would. This means that we will provide you with the therapies that will best fit your stage of addiction. We give you treatment options which we feel may best fit your addiction needs, and help you find a treatment plan that fits your addiction struggles best. Do you already know how genetic and physiological factors have impacted your heroin addiction? Recovery from drug addictions such as heroin can be difficult without the right tools.

Opus Addiction Treatment Programs


Opus Treatment offers you a variety of programs ranging from drug detox to outpatient recovery for addiction. We know that you might find these choices overwhelming when first trying to come to terms with your addiction treatment needs. Do you have questions or concerns about the type of therapies we offer for our clients? You can call us now and have your questions answered, which might give you more peace of mind when sorting through everything. Alcohol addiction treatment might seem overwhelming to you right now, but allow us to give you peace of mind about the decision to seek inpatient alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa.

Are you looking for heroin addiction treatment in Costa Mesa? Heroin addiction can require extra support for most addicts as it is a more complex addiction with different treatment facets. Perhaps you are concerned with the amount of heroin you have been using lately and are looking for ways to cut down without going through heroin withdrawal symptoms. You can always call us directly to talk with a counselor who understands firsthand what your specific strongholds are. Whether or not you feel you need to check yourself into our heroin detox program today, the advice is free and designed to help you.


Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

We know many people in your position who are trying to find help without feeling the pressure or judgment that comes with checking into drug or alcohol addiction programs in Costa Mesa. Are you worried about what your family and peers might think about you? Sometimes the shame of addiction can be harder to overcome when seeking treatment help than the actual abuse issues. We know you deserve to be treated with respect and our staff understand what it feels like to be in your shoes.

The first step towards your addiction recovery will likely be detoxification or drug detox. The process of alcohol detox is vital to treatment for addictions as it clears your body of toxins and chemicals that can sabotage you later on. Depending on the type of addiction you have, these toxins can vary. Did you know that the drugs you take leave behind traces of themselves? Well, they do, and these substances can build up in your body. If you are feeling like you crave drugs or alcohol constantly and cannot stop thinking about your next high, this can be an indication that you have a build-up in your system that detoxification can treat.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs For You

Do you have questions you need to be answered about our inpatient drug rehab services? You can reach out to one of our center’s counselors over the phone, or by completing the contact form at the top of this page. We know that you want to be free from the chains of addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Having been through the process ourselves, we know what you are going through personally. Did you know that our inpatient alcohol program in Costa Mesa includes access to therapies such as sand play, hiking and ocean activities?

You will not be locked in a room by yourself, left to your own devices. We partner with you and keep your mind, body and soul full while in treatment for addiction. Psychologists will help you unravel the underlying causes of your addictions, which can be very healing. Have you ever felt like no one understands how difficult it has been for you? This feeling of isolation can keep you from seeking the release from your current drug abuse. We can help get you mentally on the right path so inpatient drug rehab for heroin is not overwhelming.

Are you ready for drug detoxification?

Like many other individuals struggling with heroin addiction and meth abuse, you may have grown weary of the withdrawal symptoms that start as soon as your last high wears off. Do you know that these withdrawal symptoms can indicate that you have a psychological dependence on heroin? The first step of Opus Treatment detox program involves filling out our insurance verification forms and being willing to have a physical exam performed. While you may not feel that we need to pry into your personal space, your drug detoxification programs success relies on your current state of mind and health. Have you been feeling depressed or had suicidal thoughts? Are you having trouble with your family and friends? Do you count on meth to keep you feeling normal?

At this point, you can expect that our Opus Treatment professionals will begin to help your body stabilize and adjust to your new chemical balance without the help of drugs. You may be worried about how long or how painful this process is. Don’t let the fear of discomfort or pain keep you from completing alcohol detox within our Costa Mesa drug detox facility. The last step of our detoxification program involves some decisions made by you and your counselors. We will keep reminding you of the progress you have already made. Don’t lose hope! The detoxification process works and you will feel better once you have finished.

About Accreditation for Residential Treatment Centers

When seeking treatment at a rehabilitation facility for drug or alcohol addiction, you may see the accreditations that the specific facility has. It’s a good idea to know what certain accreditations mean so that you will be more informed should you or a loved one need the services provided by a rehab treatment program. It is not always easy to seek treatment and the process can make one very apprehensive. But, if you know that a rehab program is held to the high standards that are required for accreditation, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing you are choosing the right path for rehab and that will lead to your addiction recovery. The following organizations are responsible for providing accreditation to healthcare organizations and are recognized nationally for their high standards and commitment to quality healthcare.

The Joint Commission (JCAHO)

The Joint Commission previously referred to as the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, JCAHO is an independent, non-profit operation that provides accreditation for hospitals and all other health care services. The JCAHO organization was established in 1951 but was not considered to carry much weight until 1965. Healthcare organizations such as hospitals and residential treatment centers are required to submit to an unannounced survey in order to receive the JCAHO seal of approval. This survey will need to be updated every three years. JCAHO is overseen by individuals from the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association as well as the American College of Physicians, to name a few.

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

The ASAM was founded in 1954. It is a professional medical society which represents over 50,000 physicians and other professionals in the addiction medicine field. The primary goal of the ASAM is to make addiction treatment more accessible while improving the quality of such treatment. It also aims to educate physicians and other healthcare workers in the addiction medicine field as well as the public. The ASAM supports research and prevention and promotes the appropriate role physicians must take in treating individuals with addiction issues.

ASAM has been awarded the Accreditation with Commendation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education as a provider of medical education for physicians. This accreditation ensures that the education provided by the ASAM to the medical community is relevant to the needs of physicians and clinicians. The education provided is evidence-based and evaluated for its effectiveness and independent of commercial influence.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation

There are many benefits to being accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The first and foremost benefit of this accreditation is that it builds trust in your organization. BBB accreditation is widely recognized and if a rehab program is accredited by the BBB, then consumers will trust that program. BBB accreditation allows the rehab facility to stand out. Because the BBB offers an abundance of tools to accredited businesses, such businesses can expect to receive maximum online exposure. The BBB provides a Business Directory which lists the business name, a link to its website, company information and contact information.

A rehab program that chooses to be accredited by the BBB is able to join an elite group of businesses that have proven their high standards and commitment to excellence in their respective industries. Consumers who know such businesses hold themselves to the high standards it takes for BBB accreditation will be able to trust those businesses. When it comes to rehab and a person’s health, gaining trust is a priority and the BBB accreditation will aid in building that trust.

if you are seeking rehab services, you know you can trust an organization that has met the high standards of quality that it takes to receive accreditation. When you see evidence of accreditation, you can rest assured knowing that you are going to receive the best care and treatment available. Seeking treatment can be a stressful experience. But, your stress is reduced greatly when you enter a program that has received accreditation. So, if you’re looking for rehab services, you should research the different types of rehab accreditation and make your decision based on your findings. Once you research and know what is involved in becoming accredited, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which program is right for you.