Medical Detox
“To inspire and empower individuals and families affected by addiction”

Sub-Acute Detoxification and Withdrawal Management

Our detox facilities are fully licensed and have IMS (Incidental Medical Services) certifications. Clients will receive the highest standards of withdrawal management and medical supervision with 24 hour licensed individuals taking care of all their needs.  In addition, all clinical services are delivered by experienced, licensed clinicians. 
  • 24 Hour On-Site Licensed Nurses
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Clinical and Psychological Assessments
  • Medication Management and Education
  • Daily Visits from a Licensed MD Specializing in Addiction medicine
  • Therapeutic Assistance with Individual Counseling and Therapy
  • Withdrawal and Post-Acute Withdrawal Education by our Licensed Doctors and Nurses

Our Incidental Medical Services (IMS) Program

Alcohol and drug detox programs at Opus Treatment are designed to help you on your journey to addiction recovery. We understand that you have already lived through many disappointments and experienced substantial personal loss. We also know you are looking for a fresh start. Opus Treatment invites you to join our drug detox program in Costa Mesa, CA and begin your own success story. Our facility gives you the opportunity to find rest, restoration and recovery. Focused on the future, our team of professionals provides the perfect environment for your drug and alcohol detox.
The first step in any solid drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is detoxification. Drug detox programs are designed to help you find physical healing and physiological care in a safe, secure environment. The process begins with a detoxification period which is followed by balancing and restoring vital nutrients and finishes with rebuilding life skills. Following these steps ensures that you will be provided with the best, most skilled detox care available in Costa Mesa, CA. Because our drug detox programs provide clients with 24/7 care, you will have complete peace of mind.

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After undergoing comprehensive assessment, clients begin their individualized medical detoxification. We assist our clients in getting through their biggest fears comfortably, safely while ethically providing services.  We believe in educating our clients on withdrawal symptoms, medication management, addiction, trauma, different therapeutic modalities, nutrition, spiritual principles, long-term recovery modalities, and how to have fun and enjoy life again.
Drug detox programs in Costa Mesa, CA are often the stepping off point for intensive outpatient rehab. Detox itself is not a quick fix. Drug and alcohol detoxification are your pathways to continued treatment. Drug addiction is a physical and psychological disease, and managing the symptoms while in withdrawal will be very closely overseen by our staff. We want you to feel comfortable and rest while we take care of the rest of you. Your body will be working hard to purge toxins, and you will be given medications to help keep you pain-free during the process. Detox on its own is rarely successful, and Opus Treatment has inpatient treatment opiate programs to help transition you onto the next phase of recovery.

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Detox Program Stages

First Stage of Detox

Since drug detox is experienced differently by each individual, you may react to the drug withdrawal symptoms and medications for addiction in surprising ways. We always put your safety and comfort first, making sure that you are kept comfortable during the entire process. During this cleansing stage of alcohol detoxification in Costa Mesa, your body will begin to expel toxins from your body on its own. This begins with your blood filtering through your kidneys which then excrete the toxins through your elimination system. The liver and lungs go through a similar process. While this first stage of detox is taking place, foods rich in fiber such as fruits, grains, and vegetables are eaten to help clear your digestive tract and deliver much-needed minerals and vitamins.

Second Stage of Detox

The second stage of drug and alcohol detox is restoration and rebuilding the nutrition you lost while addicted to drugs. Finding balance following drug addiction and detox is so important for your future and recovery success. You will be served a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and grains that will work to rebuild the deficits you will likely have. Healthy lean proteins are some of the best foods for quickly replenishing nutrients to muscle tissue. During this second phase of detox, you will also learn to cook delicious, nutrient-rich recipes designed to further boost cellular regrowth. Our staff will be available to help you with any special requests you may have.

Third Stage of Detox

This final step of drug and alcohol detoxification is where your future drug-free life will begin to take shape. The healthy dietary changes made during stage two will continue as new life skills are introduced. For lasting sobriety to be yours, a commitment to charting meal times, limiting unhealthy social situations and preventing future exposure to substances that prove too tempting. This new healthy life will also include therapy, 12-step program involvement, and other outlets for regaining physical and psychological health.

Reach out to us at Opus Treatment in Costa Mesa, California and we can address any of your questions or concerns. Taking the step into drug detox will be the first day of the rest of your life, a life filled with promise and hope again.